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My Story

Growing up playing football and signing my first contract at the age of 14 I thought this is it I’m going to make it big. Unfortunately at the age of 19 I had my Jaw kicked in during a game and Broke my Cheek bone. The year later I had my ligaments torn out. Yes I know, talk about bad luck. But it depends on how you look at it.

I decided to lick my wounds and look at the opportunities ahead. After reading the first books in my life; The Munk that Sold his Ferrari, Rich Dad Poor Dad & The Secret a whole new world was In the book The Secret I read. What would you do if you was guaranteed? This changed everything

Directly I started imagining myself in a brand new suit sitting in a sky scraper in the most exclusive streets in London dealing with big transactions. Not more than 3 weeks later I had an opportunity to work as an Investment Broker after passing their courses & exams.

Life changed from here in the mix of top brokers around the world. 4 years later I wanted to learn about the property business so I became a real estate broker for another 4 years in London. Making good money was really nice but I realised that it was impossible to enjoy life as I was either too busy working or too tired doing something on my days off. I was trapped in the rat race and I wanted out now.

Rich Dad Poor Dad changed my view on how finance works and how making money work for you is the Golden Key in life.

Therefore I decided to quit my Job and start my own business. Ive started business as Sports & Entertainment agency, Luxury Concierge, Management and others ventures. But what really caught my interest was the stock market. Many of my friends & family knew I have been in the stock market for a long time and asked me if I can help them by educating them. As more people kept asking me for help I have now come to a stage where there are many people calling me, Emailing me & Contacting me via Social Media.

"The more people you help make life enjoyable,
the more you will enjoy life"

Thats why I have started this platform so that I can reach out to more people and give them the same financial opportunities. My Goal is to help you to reach your financial goals so that you can spend More time doing the things you Love.

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